myPhotoAlarm turns your iPad into the most customizable and outstanding timekeeping and photo display device in existence.  Utilizing the natural abilities of the iPad to serve as a brilliant digital photo frame, we have taken it to another level by layering on the essential functions of a full featured, completely customizable alarm clock.

Because the timekeeping and alarm functions run on top of the photo frame/slideshow function, your alarm clock is now also your companion in ensuring that the images of people and places that you love are always at your side.

With myPhotoAlarm on your iPad, you will never need to own another alarm clock again for home or travel.

  • Wake up in the morning to the face of your favorite loved one or scenic vista that inspires you, but don’t stop there.
  • Your customized time, date, and alarm displays can be resized, moved, and reformatted to produce an infinite variety of display and alarm setups that are uniquely yours.
  • Fall asleep to nature sounds or custom playlists
  • Wake to playlists, alarm sounds (pleasant or annoying, take your pick), nature sounds, or even your own personal recording.

Combined with your favorite tripod or stand, myPhotoAlarm becomes your ultimate bedside, countertop, or desktop device.  Just activate myPhotoAlarm and your framed photo or slideshow will begin running with your customized time, date, and alarm information layers as well.  You can rest assured that your alarms will trigger at the proper time and to the sounds of your choosing.

The About page will give you an overview of all of the features and capabilities of this feature-rich app.  Check out the Gallery Page for examples, ideas, and  some of our favorite configurations, and submit your screen shots to show us your favorites.

At $2.99, myPhotoAlarm will be the most affordable, personal, and robust alarm clock you have ever purchased, as well as the last one you will ever need to!

Check it out now in the iTunes Store!

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